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Boonboon Swimming Aids

Price: 70
Suburb: Hunters Hill NSW

Looking for the best swimming aids? Let’s check

Cherek’s Kraulquappen armbands are designed by Reiner Cherek who has been working with babies and kids in his swimming school in Frankfurt, for more than 35 years.
What is unique about Kraulquappen floaties; why buy them instead of cheaper versions?
The only swimming armbands available on the global market that can be used for babies from 7-8 months old (can be used up to 30 kgs).
Designed and produced in Germany, and used with confidence by families all over Europe for more than 35 years.
Made with Phthalate Free plastic, specially designed to be safe for sensitive baby skin.
The centrally placed armhole allows optimal leverage , so even infants and the disabled children can easily keep their arms and heads above the water surface. Swimmer’s chin is 17 cm above the water surface.

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