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Cocoon Counselling ACT

Price: $110.00
Suburb: Dunlop

Cocoon Counselling Act (CCA) a safe Chrysalis to explore your world! Life is hard! we spend time juggling, mopping up after others and often with little thanks! CCA is a safe nurturing space to explore, to become curious about things. To realise yourself again, when was the last time some one asked you, what do you want? and you had space and time to answer and the sense of safety to go for what you wanted and needed to do. We can not give to others in our world if we are not being nurtured, if you are feeling like your on Empty, need a listening ear, just need to find your road map again, contact Cocoon Counselling Act, located in Dunlop NW Canberra.
Ann has 15 years working in Counselling as a practitioner, has also worked as an outreach counsellor, Ann is an NDIS provider(4050031742), has working with Vulnerable peoples card, PACFA clinical member, please contact if you would like to discuss an appointment.

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