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Create Your Path Authentically

Price: $147
Suburb: Weston Creek

Create Your Path, Authentically.... An interactive workshop where you decide how you want to live and make it happen.

“Living life on your terms” is quite the popular phrase these days, but really, what does that even mean?

Why is this so much harder for some than it is for others?

If you’d like to learn a new way of living life on your terms, and are prepared to dig deep and figure out what you really want, then this one day course is your next best move.

We will help you:
• Bring clarity to the life you are living now
• Align with what you truly value
• See how your external life is actually a manifestation of your internal life
• To get on your way instead of in your way
• Expand your awareness to the possibilities available to you that you hadn’t even thought of
• Live authentically and decide what’s right for you
• Recognise the role your home plays in either contributing to or contaminating your life

Join us at the Canberra Irish Club on Saturday 25th, February from 11am - 5.30pm
Tickets are $147.00

This course is the first of our 3 courses on creating your own power path for your life.

For more information and to book your tickets visit

If you'd like to chat about it, call Marika on 0402 412 041 or Lisa on 0407 916706

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