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Eating4Two research study

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Suburb: ACT

Hi Canberra mums!

Have you recently found out you are pregnant? Would you consider volunteering to take part in a research study about the effects of a smartphone application on weight gain during pregnancy?

The study is being conducted by Professor Deborah Davis at the University of Canberra, and is funded by Diabetes Australia.

Some women in the study will receive routine antenatal care; and some will be provided with free access to a smartphone application, and be asked to use it for the duration of their pregnancy. The research will examine birth and health outcomes for both groups of women and their babies.

All participants will be asked to complete several on-line questionnaires (one hard copy) between 14 weeks of pregnancy, until 6 months after your baby is born. Total time commitment over more than 20 months is only a few hours total.

To receive an information kit and sign up, please email your full name, estimated date of birth for your baby, and a contact phone number to

Eligibility criteria
You can join the study if you:
• are less than 15 weeks pregnant with one baby (not twins) by the time you register
• are over the age of 18 years
• are planning to have your baby at the Calvary Hospital (ACT), or the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (ACT)
• are fluent in English
• have access to the internet to complete online questionnaires
• have your own smart phone, email address and scales to weigh yourself
• are free from diabetes at the beginning of pregnancy

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