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House cleaning and garden maintenance services

Price: $40 per hour for cleaning services and $45 for gardening services
Suburb: Queanbeyan

All Seasons Cleaning & Gardening is a company create to maintain both the inside and outside of a household. If you have specific products you may wish to be used then, you can advice us in advance to potentially lower your costs and for the convenience of both of us. Almost all services are achievable except carpet cleaning as we aren't able to do such a service. Prices may vary in gardening services depending on what is required to be done.
Another aspect we offer is ironing, if you are unable to free time for ironing in your schedule then we can iron within your household or if preferred we can also take ironing items home and return them once completed.
If you require more information feel free to contact me on the email provide.
I look forward to meeting you all.

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