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I AM – Personal Discovery Workshop for teens and pre teens

Price: $149 2 day holiday workshop
Suburb: Aranda

As a parent it can be heart breaking to witness your child experience difficulties and challenges, especially if they won't open up and talk to you about what is really going on for them. It is so important for children to learn skills to assist them in overcoming their own problems. We have experience working with many different children, empowering them to rise through challenges, understanding the learning and gift that every experience can bring no matter how difficult it is at the time.

Does your child experience any challenges with…
-anxiety or worry
-managing their emotions
-negative thought patterns
-self esteem and confidence
-isolation or withdrawal
-making authentic friendships and connections
-expressing their self

Through this unique and playful 2 day workshop they will learn, grow and discover who they truly are and how they can be their best self in all areas of life.

We will focus on exploring presence, connection, identity and mindset through a broad range of engaging, fun games and activities.

The children will leave this workshop having developed self-awareness, emotional intelligence, a growth mindset and social skills, with a greater appreciation and love of self.

When: Thursday 4th October and Friday 5th October 2018 (School Holidays)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Aranda Shops, Illesio Studio (Canberra-ACT)

Teens and Pre-Teens (Ages 10-16)

Investment: $149.00

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