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Inside Out Ultrasound

Price: from $180
Suburb: Deakin

Inside Out Ultrasound is Canberra's very own non-diagnostic Ultrasound Practice for mums-to-be in Canberra!!

At Inside Out Ultrasound, we offer high-quality 2D/3D images and 4D video of your growing baby so you can preserve the memories of this exciting time and see your baby’s face, heart beat and movements like never before.

We capture these spectacular images and video using high-tech GE Ultrasound machines, which are optimised for obstetric and gynaecology ultrasounds. Your session will be performed by a fully-qualified and highly experienced sonographer who specialises in women’s ultrasounds.

Opening 23rd May 2017 for appointments, call now on 6260 5822 to book a session!!

***Although we have high-end equipment and experienced professionals, our ultrasound sessions are non-diagnostic and should not replace a medical ultrasound. As such, we recommend having a morphology (20-week scan) and a consultation with your doctor before you come in. However, a doctor referral is not necessary to book a session with us ***

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