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Let’s talk genetics! Parents wanted to participate in research!

Price: Free
Suburb: Canberra City

We are a team of researchers looking into Australians’ thoughts on personal genetic tests
that can be bought online, especially by parents for their children.
We are NOT offering testing but asking you to join the discussion about the pro's and cons of this type of testing and contribute your views. No previous knowledge of genetics required.
We are looking for people to help with our research and WE NEED YOU to take part in an
interactive forum! You don’t need to know anything about DNA and genes.
We are looking for people to join a discussion about this type of testing and new
genetic technologies. This will help us inform policy and produce relevant information.

Where? Griffin Centre, Canberra CBD
When? Sunday, 10th September
For how long? 1 - 4pm
You will receive a $50 gift voucher for your time
Please visit: to register your interest! One of our researchers will be in
contact with more details.

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