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Local Group Fit Classes

Price: $9.90 per class
Suburb: Red Hil

Whether it's the kids, work or life, you're a busy person - but you still want to be as healthy and fit as you can. SCRaM Fit Group training gives you the best of workouts in under 35 minutes - with classes at 0630, 0900 and 1430 to navigate work, school drop offs and busy lives. Plus, when you sign up you get access to SCRaM Fit Online (a Personal Trainer in your pocket) so you can train anywhere, anytime and have full access to qualified trainers, workouts and nutrition advice.

Check us out at and click on the SCRaM Local link.

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday at Navigators Park Red Hill (across the road from Red Hill Primary School - perfect for drop offs) and kick off from Tuesday 28 February.

We are local. As a parent of local kids, our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life and help build and share in positive experiences for the community.

If you are looking to tone up, strip down, go further, last longer or achieve new health and fitness goals SCRaM Fit Local is your best solution. SCRaM Fit combines focus on activity, nutrition, lifestyle and motivation with a culture of welcoming and acceptance to drive greater results.

Check us out at and click on the SCRaM Local link.

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