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Newborn Intensive Care Foundation – Bake for Babies


Hi CMs, are you able to please re- post the Bake for Babies campaign below with the following added & are you able to do the same for CM Babies & Toddlers & CM Older Mum's Group, or are these seperate organisations? Many thanks CMs

It's not too late! Bake for Babies runs from July to August so there's still plenty of time to help our vulnerable, sick and premature little newborns & their families.

For those of you who do not have the time or opportunity to bake & sell or are simply non-baker types, you can still help by donating directly to the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation. No matter how big or small, every bit counts!

Bake for Babies is a fundraising event for the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (NICF). The NICF provides funds for the vital medical equipment used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The Centre for Newborn Care is the principal centre for neonatal or newborn intensive care in the ACT and Southern NSW. The unit admits approximately 700 babies each year, more than 200 of who require special or intensive care.

Bake for Babies is to help critically ill newborn babies and their families by raising much needed funds for the Unit. The NICU has a pivotal role and the NICF is vital in assisting NICU to fulfill this role through assisting with the funding of medical equipment, education and research.

Help us raise some dough to help sick newborn babies & give them a fighting chance. All you need to do is Register, Bake, Sell,'s a piece of cake.

100% of donations go to helping sick newborn babies of the Canberra & Southern NSW region and because NICF is 100% voluntary, there are no admin costs from donations.

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