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Volunteer mentors Needed

Price: Free
Suburb: Mitchell

SHINE for Kids is seeking volunteer Mentors to support a Young Person (16-21yo) transitioning from Juvenile Justice Centres into the Community.

SHINE for Kids seeks to specifically break down the barriers and difficulties faced by children of prisoners and their families. SHINE for Kids has expanded its services to offer a mentoring program for young people transitioning from Juvenile Justice back into the community.

Mentors do make a big difference in the life of a young person. Research shows that mentoring by a caring adult, impacts positively on academic performance, emotional health, peer and social interactions, self-esteem, social responsibility, and communication skills of young people. Mentoring provides young people better prospects for breaking the cycle and making positive choices for the future. The long-term effects of the mentoring carry on into adulthood.
A mentor provides a child/young person with companionship, kindness, a listening ear, and a positive example. This can be achieved through a range of activities. A one-on-one trust is built over time though sharing suitable activities and outings.

The role of the mentor is to connect with the young person and build a relationship, becoming a consistent person in their life. The relationship between mentor and mentee will begin approximately 4 months prior to the young person being released from a juvenile detention centre and contact will occur on a fortnightly basis. Upon release the mentor will provide one on one support to the young person for a period of around 12 months participating in social outings and other activities tailored to meet the needs and interests of the young person. A mentor can provide them with opportunities to develop broader social skills and offer support to promote attitudinal change, which in turn contribute to the quality of life, self esteem and development of social skills in a direct manner.

“Children have the right to be protected from all kinds of harm. SHINE for Kids is committed to creating a safe and child-friendly environment for children and young people. SHINE for Kids conducts background checks on all applicants.”

Please contact Katie on 6207 2572 or head to for further information

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