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Wholefood Catering

Price: Various
Suburb: Dickson

Wholefood catering for parties and events, specialising in children’s events.
All items on our menu are made from 100% whole foods from nature, and where possible, we also use organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Our goal is to provide wholesome, nutritional treats that taste amazing.

All items are 100% free of: refined ingredients, GMO's and artificial additives.

We are also keen to help people manage their sugar intake, and to ensure that sugar intake comes from natural sugars.  For our recipes that include sugar, we keep the amounts minimal and only use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar.  And for those who are interested in avoiding added sugars completely, we offer a range of options which have no added sugar.   These include sweet menu items that are sweetened only with fruits – bananas, dates, sultanas, and fruit juice.

Packages start from $10 per person - check out our website for more details :)

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