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Sample course: Interior Design for Everyone

Interior Design for Everyone

Does your home needs a lift but don’t know where to start? The ideal introduction for anyone building, renovating or decorating their home this practical course will teach you how to be more creative within your home.

Course Outline:
Wk 1 Style – developing your personal style
Wk 2 Exterior and Interior – creating your plan of action
Wk 3 Colour – the basics of colour
Wk 4 Colour schemes – simple ways to coordinate colours
Wk 5 Excursion – Green star display village
Wk 6 Space planning and furniture – overall and personal projects
Wk 7 Interior elements – flooring, bench tops, laminates, window treatments
Wk 8 Putting it all together – sample boards

Start date: Thursday, 04 February 2016
Finish date: Thursday, 24 March 2016
Sessions: 8 sessions of 2 hours
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Tutor: Catherine Henderson
Location: CIT Reid
Status: Places are available

Please bring to the class:
* 2-3 old interior design magazines (to cut up).
* A3 size sketch pad, glue, scissors, ruler, lead pencil
* set of coloured pencils

The ConversationAbout the tutor:
Catherine Henderson has a lifetime of experience in art and design including art teaching, textile design, pastel, oil and watercolour painting and interior design.

Accredited by the Design Institute of Australia in 1998 Catherine launched Catherine Henderson Interior Design and over the last seventeen years has completed projects for large institutions such as the Australian National University and the Australian Defence Force Academy as well as numerous office fit outs, restaurants, medical centres, and new homes and renovations all over Canberra.

Catherine has created ‘Interior Design For Everyone’ as a way of passing on some of her experience and knowledge because as she says “ Whatever the size of the budget, everyone can learn how to make their home more beautiful and more comfortable”

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