My name is Lauren Watson. I’m a 19 year old CIT student who is running out of school work. I understand the need to make sure your children are in a safe and secure environment, and I pride myself in making sure all children under my supervision are content and safe.
I am very new to babysitting children that are not related to me, but I feel like it shouldn’t make a difference; all children are gifts so why treat them any differently to each other? They all have as much potential to grow and be smart gifted kids as much as any kid does.
I have not settled on a base rate yet, nor any special needs excess fees, but here is some comforting information you might need to compare some other babysitters:
• I have my own transportation – Hyundai Excel, 3-door, 5-seater.
• 1x car seat – does not have singular buckles – is restrained by back seat seat-belt.
• Am able to prepare nutritious meals and snacks, as well as entertaining physical activities (depending on ages and confidence of child)
I do not wish to treat every mother and child the same, which is why I am willing to be flexible. As I said – I am not making a base rate yet, because some mother’s may have certain circumstances in which they may need me to pick kids up of a morning while they pick them up of an afternoon. I am willing to make exceptions, as I do know (not from experience, I do not have kids of my own) that having kids and a job is stressful, time consuming and especially money consuming. I’m here to make that morning routine or the last minute scurry to get ready a breeze.

If you’d like to some more information, please feel free to call or text me on my phone, 0423935201.

I technically have not finished all my school work yet, I should be 100% finished early December. So please bear with me for the first few weeks while I sort out everything! Thanks ladies, much appreciated and I hope to hear from one of you yummy mummies soon!