I have a sister who lives in Brisbane and I’m really desperate to find some help for her. I wonder if any CM’s can help? Her six month old is a very fractious, grizzly child. I don’t think the GP is taking her behaviour seriously enough. My sister has struggled to the point that she clearly has developed PND. She was referred a few months ago, but they thought she was probably OK without further help. This has got worse, she is now saying things like ‘I can’t cope, what will she be like as an older child’ etc. We are trying to get her to realise that while we believe her daughter’s behaviour is an issue, she needs to do something about herself. Also I think she really needs some help, and for health reasons our family are unable to travel to see her. The main thing I would like to find is a professional nurse/midwife who can go into home to give her a break, and also make a bit of an assessment as to whether they think her daughter’s behaviour is ‘normal’. I’m not after suggestions for my niece, I need ideas to support my sister. Thanks in advance.